yummy mini apple pies

Hi everyone, so it’s been a while. Uhm, over a year. Yeah. Sorry. I changed the name, too. From Oh Dainty Duck to Angie and the Pansies. I still love Shakespeare, don’t worry. I just wanted a new name. And I freakin’ love pansies, they’re my favourite flower. I always imagined that if I were the lead-singer in a band, I’d name it Angie + the Pansies. But I’m an awful singer, so hey, blog name!

Anyway, I’m back and I thought I’d come back with a bang and share this wonderful apple pie recipe with you. It is so so good, but it is also the kind of recipe you can make when you don’t want to run to the store. Most of this every self-respecting baker usually has in the house already, except maybe the apples. Anyway, this tastes nicest with caster sugar, but if you don’t have any, regular old sugar will do.

Here is what you will need:
1 egg
400 gr self-raising flour
200 gr sugar
1 packet of vanilla sugar
1 pinch of salt
250 g butter
6 apples
Handful of raisins and nuts (optional)
a bit of cinnamon
a bit of lemon juice


1. Add egg, flour, sugar, a little bit of lemon juice and a pinch of salt to a bowl. Add cubed butter (room temp is best, but if it chilled it doesn’t really matter – you just have to work a little harder in the next step).

2. Start kneading the dough. It will stay a bit crumbly but you should be able to form it into one big ball. Flatten this slightly, wrap in clingfoil and put it into the fridge for an hour to firm up.

3. Grease up your baking pan. Dust your work-top with flour. Take dough and roll it into the flour – now you can mold it into your baking pan. It’s easiest to cut a circle out first, lay this over your pan and then use your fingers to mold it into the pan.

4. Cut apples. Either in cubes, or little slices. Whatever is your preference. Then, roll these applebits into a bit of sugar and cinnamon.

5. Fill your little pies up with the sugared apples, add raisins and nuts if you like.

6. Decorate! I lightly pressed a fork onto the edges. But if you have any dough left, it could also be fun to make criss-cross patterns on top.

7. Pre-heat your oven to 170 degrees Celsius / 338 degrees Fahrenheit and bake. A bigger pie will take ~60 minutes to bake, if you’re making mini pies it will be around 25 minutes. But I would just keep checking, because everyone’s oven is different. The pies are done when the crust is nice and brown, and not too hard yet.

I love this dough because it is not very finnicky. I once forgot to chill the dough and it was pretty much still OK, although a bit softer. The temperature of the butter doesn’t even matter that much either as long as you can get a crumbly dough. Also, if you have no lemon it is no worries, and you can easily use different types of sugars. It works for a bigger apple pie, or a couple mini apple pies.

ALSO. This pie is EASY to veganize. Just replace the egg with a banana. If you like the banana taste you can leave some bigger chunks, otherwise mash it up real good and you can barely taste it.


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